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Video Library

Montana Milestones Early Intervention

One of a series of videos from the MT Department of Health & Human Services, this video showcases Child Development Center clients Nicole and Mason.

Dakota Stump, BCaBA

Dakota works in the Missoula office’s Learning Center, where a team of behavioral specialists work one-on-one with kids on the autism spectrum. He began as a Behavioral Technician (BT), and through study and experience made the jump first to a Registered Behavior Technician and then to a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Technician (BCaBA) – and sometime in the very near future, he’ll be a full-fledged BCBA.

Mirjam Harrison, FSS, DSP

As a Family Support Specialist in our Early Intervention program, Mirjam guides a handful of families of zero-to-three-year-olds with developmental delays. And as a Direct Support Professional (DSP), Mirjam works directly with teens who, as you will surely discover if you watch this wonderful interview, couldn’t be in better hands.

Abigail Meyer, BCaBA

An introduction to the delightful Abi and an overview of some of the basic principles we use to help shape desired behaviors in our Learning Centers, where we serve kids with autism.

Brandi Bohn, Speech Language Pathologist

Brandi is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) serving young children and their families in our Early Intervention program. If you’re wondering how an SLP works with infants and toddlers well before they’ve learned to talk, you’ve come to the right place (hint: it turns out there’s a lot more to language than just speech)!

Laura Hanson-Robins, Family Support Specialist

As a Family Support Specialist, Laura is an expert in the wide range of developmental resources available to families and in navigating the system that provides those services. She is an advisor, advocate, coach, confidant, and in many cases, friend to the family.

Laura Parker, Intake Coordinator

Laura is an Intake Coordinator in our Kalispell office. When a child qualifies for developmental services, it’s her time to shine! She immediately contacts the family and/or guardian(s) to assure them they have an entire team ready to help navigate the process and to fight for the best possible outcome for their child.

Matt Wacker, Family Support Specialist

When a young child qualifies for the Early Intervention program, an entire world of supports and services become available to the family, free of charge. For families new to the process, navigating this new world can be an overwhelming experience (the professional terminology and acronyms alone are like a whole new language!). That’s where the Family Support Specialist (FSS) steps in –  and Matt is one of the best.

Montana Milestones Q&A

This video from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services explains the ins and outs of the Montana Milestones Early Intervention program, which is provided free to all families with young children (0-36 months) who experience developmental delays or disabilities.

Christy Cheviron, SLP and Andrea Leeds, PT

Christy is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Andrea is a Physical Therapist (PT) – but as you’ll see in this video, neither consider their role to be set in stone. For the last five years, they’ve teamed up as co-leads of a sort of therapy Dream Team, serving kiddos in our Early Intervention program with an integrated blend of vast know-how, experience, and love, customized to match the needs of each child and family under their care.