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Taylor Stoeger

Taylor Stoeger

Speech Therapist – Missoula
Since: 2023

Yet another 2023 addition to our growing staff of pediatric therapists, Taylor provides family-centered support for young children with developmental delays. She developed a passion for speech therapy while working with students with disabilities in high school, and comes to us fresh from graduate school at the University of Montana.

The Reason: I took this job because I love working with little kids and providing services to those who need it. I love seeing kids make growth in speech, language, and overall development with the support of their family members.

Standout Moment: During an initial visit with a family who had just started services with us, we implemented a few strategies that led to the child almost immediately picking up a few signs and beginning to imitate words. The family was so excited to hear their child say new words and use them to communicate his wants and needs. And for a person who works in this field, I’m pretty sure that’s the best reward you can ask for.

A Thing I’ve Learned: That good sleep is such a vital part in development and growth of skills. When a child is not getting good rest at night or during naptime, our sessions tend to be less productive.

Little Known Fact: I played soccer as a Griz for the University of Montana.

Favorite Season: My favorite season in Montana is the summertime. Between Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park, and the Clark Fork River, Montana is hard to beat during that time of year.