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Stacy Caron

Stacy Caron

stacy caron

Job: Family Support Specialist
Hired 2009

Originally hired as a Direct Support Professional (who work directly with older kids with developmental disabilities), Stacy quickly realized how much she enjoyed working with families and switched jobs to become a Family Support Specialist (who work with families of young kids with developmental disabilities).

Best Thing: seeing a child grow, and the parents’ joy when a goal is met!

Favorite Moment:  the first prom I attended with clients as a DSP – we danced the night away!

About the Staff: After the birth of my boys, I was able to bring them to work with me and all my coworkers helped care for them so I could get work done. To this day, they are a second family for me and my boys.

Pet Status: we have a Pomkie (Yorkie/Pomeranian) who at four pounds is the smallest dog I’ve ever had. The boys dote over her – I don’t think she ever touches the floor.

Little Known Fact: I was the go-to 3-point shooter for my 5th and 6th grade basketball team. I couldn’t be stopped!