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Rheanna Taylor

Rheanna Taylor

Occupational Therapist – Kalispell
Since: 2022

Rheanna had a decade’s worth of experience as an OT when she joined us, and she now puts that experience to work in several different settings. She provides services to students in the Bigfork School District, to kids with autism at CDC’s Learning Center, and to infants and toddlers in the Early Intervention program.

The Reason: Working with children with developmental needs has always been my passion, and I feel so fortunate to be able to help kids in our community.

Favorite Part: Being able to provide in-home therapy to the children and families that need it most.

What I’ve Learned: Kids change, adapt, and grow so quickly! I often find myself amazed at their progress, and it keeps me on my toes.

Unplugged: I love reading good books, taking in our beautiful valley on hikes, and any horse time I can get. Honestly, brushing my horse is one of the most calming activities I can think of.

Pet Tales: My long-haired guinea pig, Mo, was by far my favorite pet as a child. We could not afford a horse at the time, so I brushed him and fed him like one. I’d also take him out to the yard to “graze.” From a distance he looked like a blond toupee on the ground.