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Rebeka Jackson

Rebeka Jackson

rebeka jackson

Job: Behavior Technician – Missoula
Hired: 2022

One of our exciting new hires, Rebeka has always wanted to work in support of kids and chose to do so by helping our clients with autism in our Kalispell Learning Center. She is now working on becoming a Registered Behavior Technician, and is giving serious thought to becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Yay Rebeka!

Best Part: connecting with children and forming unique relationships

Favorite Moment: One of our boys came in having a rough day. He was very obviously upset, so we decided to take a break and do one of his favorite things – dance around the room.  He was very curious about me, since I’m new to the LC, and when I smiled and started dancing with him his whole face just lit up. He became so excited and started jumping around. The fact that such a small gesture made him react in such a positive way really warmed my heart!

What I’ve Learned: A little patience and praise goes a long way when teaching children.

Little Known Fact: I was a part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program as a child and was able to go to Australia with the program.