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Pyper Trumble

Pyper Trumble

Behavioral Technician – Missoula
Since: 2023

Pyper works with children with autism in Missoula’s Learning Center, implementing techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis under the guidance of board-certified supervisors. She is a recent UM graduate with multiple degrees centered on speech therapy and psychology.

The Reason: I have worked with people with disabilities my whole life. My mother and grandmother were para educators as I grew up. I have always wanted to help people with disabilities because they deserve all the things I have and more.

Standout Moment: I have been struck by the incredibly supportive environment here. We all have each other’s backs, and that shows in the level of service we provide.

Favorite Part: Sharing the joy with my clients when they start to master new skills!

A Thing I’ve Learned: I have learned that kids are so resilient and will continue to learn in ways we will not always understand.

Chill Time: I love to country swing dance. I have always loved dancing, and it’s something I can do with others. It’s a fun way to laugh and smile.

Pet Tales: I absolutely love horses. They are so caring and embody love.