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Misty Miller

Misty Miller

Administration – Missoula
Since: 2022 

A 25-year social work veteran, Missy worked primarily in rehabilitative services before she accidentally(!) applied for an administrative job with us. She’s the ace we thought she’d be and while she hopes to work more directly with children in the future. She’s helping them now by finding amazing frontline staff to serve their needs. 

Favorite part: Listening to the heart of our people as they advocate for our clients, and to the soul of the people here – I love listening to their laughter. It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere.

What I’ve Learned: to never put limitations on kiddos, and to try to experience the moment like they do, instead of judging it. 

Chill Time: I go into the forest to lose my mind and find my soul, one of the many mantras I live by. I love creating and exploring with good people, good music, and good food. 

Little Known Fact: I dream of selling all of my belongings down to the size to a van, so I can go where the wind blows me, wander until I find a place that calls my soul home.