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Megan Williams

Megan Williams

Operations Manager – Missoula Learning Center
Since: 2020 

After working as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) in our Autism & Behavorial Services program for three years, Megan’s natural talent for logistics drew her to the operational side of things, where she has flourished: “I have found equal value in operations. I love knowing staff and families feel taken care of on the admin side!” 

Nuts & Bolts: I assist with scheduling clients ages 2-10 and their families for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. For that to happen smoothly, I hire staff to maintain client schedules and onboard new clients to maintain staff hours.  

Standout Moment: Staff and clients call in with illnesses or other scheduling matters on a near-daily basis. Making sure that clients get the services they need, and staff gets the support they need, is a standout moment every time. 

What I’ve Learned: That kids are smart, funny, caring, unique, and deserving of every support they require to reach their full potential. 

Cliff Notes: I am very honest, open human and want everyone around me to know who I am and to be comfortable around me. I try to be empathetic and humble and laugh every day. Because why not?