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Matt Wacker

Matt Wacker

Family Support Specialist (FSS) – Kalispell
Since: 2007 

Prior to being hired at CDC, Matt was a schoolteacher. He made the career shift because he feels that being an FSS encapsulated all the things he loved best about teaching. 

Favorite Part: I’m fascinated by the unique qualities of each of the children and their families whom I serve. It is a whole different basket of eggs on a client-by-client basis. No two situations or children are the same. 

Standout Moment: Two equally gratifying and bittersweet moments regularly occur with clients: receiving the word from local school districts that our almost three-year-old clients have qualified for special education preschool; and when a child’s name makes the top of the waitlist for the disability waiver, thereby increasing available services to better meet their needs for the rest of their lives. Either instance usually means our time with the client and family is coming to an end, all of us confident that we’ve taught each other enough for the child to thrive.

What I’ve Learned: Never underestimate a child’s potential! That being said, never do for a child what he or she are capable of doing themselves. 

Chill Time: I enjoy the cinema like Top Gun Maverick, classic literature like The Outsiders, and preparing toaster-based pastries at unusual times of the day. 

Pet Tales: As a child I was given a pet rock, which I still possess, if you can ever really possess a pet. It has been a constant in my life ever since, making no demands, expecting little from me emotionally nor financially and relatively clean; the perfect pet! Dog: Annabear, part time therapy Labrador. Gray cat: Jungle Bill/Jingle Bell, answers to neither.

Favorite Season: Spring! No, wait, Fall! Either way, the two best days every year in Ol’ Montanny! 

Watch video with Matt discussing his role as a Family Support Specialist