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Mariah Partin

Mariah Partin

Family Support Specialist – Missoula
Since: 2022

Mariah works mainly in our Early Intervention program, where she coaches families and caregivers of infants and toddlers with developmental delays. She also serves a handful of families in the Family Education & Support program, for those with kids over the age of three.

The Reason: I have such a strong passion for empowering young children and their families. Getting to see both the parents and children feel the success of their hard work is an incredible honor.

Standout Moment: Working to put together community playgroups for the families I work with has been so rewarding. I have many families whose kiddos were born during the pandemic and therefore had never had any experience playing with another child, so being able to help facilitate in a safe and open environment has been great.

Pet Tales: I only have one pet, a cat named Margot. She is a tortie tabby (tortoiseshell tabby), with the tortitude to match.

Little Known Fact: I have several family members with rare diseases and I love to advocate for them and the help they need, such as access to medication and treatment. In addition to supporting the local rare disease community, I’m part of a group that travels to Washington D.C. for Rare Disease Week. We meet with our U.S. representatives to get them to support certain bills in Congress.

Favorite Season: Summer because I love floating the river and swimming in the lakes. But also fall because the colors of the trees are marvelous.