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Kelsey Glynn

Kelsey Glynn

Speech-Language Pathologist – Missoula
Since: 2015

Kelsey was hired as a Family Support Specialist in 2015, and her work with kids and families inspired her to go back to school to study speech-language pathology. During grad school she transitioned to the role of SLP assistant (SLPA), and then became a full-on SLP in our Early Intervention program upon graduation. Talk about making the most of your opportunities!

The Reason: I took this job because I love supporting families, and because tiny humans bring me an endless amount of joy! They constantly surprise me with their skills, ability to quickly learn and adapt, and humorous antics.  

Nuts & Bolts: I work with families, primarily in their homes, to help parents identify changes they can make to their everyday routines that will encourage their child to use language in functional ways. This looks like a combination of coaching and problem solving with parents, as well as teaching and modeling strategies through play.

Favorite Part: The hope. These little ones have their whole lives ahead of them, and I love the idea that when I pass them along after they turn three, they have boundless potential to fulfill.

Standout Moment(s): Those times between sessions when parents reach out to share about a skill their child achieved for the first time. It is magical knowing that not only did the child gain a new skill, but that the parents felt successful, empowered, and proud enough to share!