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Heather SolisMiranda

Heather SolisMiranda

Heather SolisMiranda

Family Support Specialist – Kalispell
Since: 2022

Heather joined us armed with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a desire to work in both case management and in direct support. That’s essentially the job description of an FSS, and Heather’s caseload is primarily with kids in our Early Intervention program (ages 0-3).

The Reason: I have chronic pain issues, which was an awfully tough situation to negotiate as a kid. I think because of that I have a strong drive to help kids going through rough times. I have a daughter in the same age range as most of my clients, and I feel like I can really identify with the parents I work with.

Favorite Part: Getting to know the kids. It’s fascinating to learn what works and doesn’t work for each kid. They’re like their own complex equations – you can take elements from one technique to another, but each one has their own solution.

Unplugged: I spend as much free time as I can with my daughter. She loves being outside, especially at the lake. We kayak, swim, and throw rocks in the water. I’m trying to get her more into art stuff. I enjoy crafting and teaching her is super fun.

Pet Tales: I grew up with dogs but now have a cat named Oliver Gustav. He’s a Champagne Tabby with golden eyes, and my husband rescued him from behind a Chipotle’s. I named him after Gustav Klimt, my favorite artist. When we first got him, he would eat a bowl of food in three seconds flat and then ask for more. It took a few weeks for him to learn that he was going to keep getting fed.

Little Known Fact: I have an associate degree in fashion design. I intended to work in Hollywood doing costumes for film, but when I started working with people in the industry, well…let’s just say they weren’t my cup of tea, and I believe you are who you hang out with.