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Greg Malone

Greg Malone


Since: 2015

Greg handles the financial and strategic components of our agency – which, as anyone with experience in the nonprofit service industry can attest, makes him a wizard of sorts. He has led the efforts to expand the breadth of our services even in this time of relative financial uncertainty.

Standout Moment(s): Most of the ones that stand out for me tend to be crises, like the 2018 state budget cuts that nearly wiped us out as an agency. But maybe the thing I’m most proud of so far is our response to that crisis. Since then, we’ve adopted a strategic plan to help us become more independent of state funding. We’re proud to partner with state & federal programs, of course, but sometimes that funding doesn’t meet a child’s entire need. For example, if a kiddo requires expanded therapies but is on a wait list elsewhere for those services, we run the risk of missing that critical early window of effective developmental intervention. To minimize that risk, we’ve built and continue to grow a staff of pediatric therapists – speech & language, occupational, and physical. That’s a significant fiscal and logistical challenge, but that’s what I’m here to do.

A Thing I’ve Learned: Every day is like walking a tightrope. We’ve recently grown in personnel, and in the suite of services we provide, and in doing so we’ve become more flexible and learned how to do more with less. I’ve always preached a no-fear approach to failure – that if we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We’re growing, and adaptation is how we will achieve the best results for the kids we serve.

Little Known Fact: Hmmm. I’m a pretty open book, I think. But folks may not know that I was race car driver, before I had kids. A friend and I went to the races one day, and by the next day we were car owners. We raced the Mini Indy circuit between here and Kalispell – it’s kind of a cross between a car and motorcycle. We would trade weekends driving, and we finished first both years we competed. And then we retired, we went out on top!