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Erica Filipowicz

Erica Filipowicz

Intake Coordinator, Kalispell
Since: 2015

Erica had been involved with early childhood education in Bozeman for eight years before being hired by CDC. As our Intake Coordinator for kids over 3 years of age, she receives referrals from doctors, parents, and caregivers. She then visits with parents/caregivers about their concerns and arranges a developmental evaluation, if warranted. Then she gets to work connecting families with resources available to support their children’s needs, whether that’s CDC’s own specialists, their local school systems, or any other relevant program.

The Reason: It was time to try something new. I loved the aspect of working directly with families, and realized that connecting with parents was a consistent strong point of my work there. Ironically enough, when I was in school for ECE, I HATED the class that taught assessments & evaluations. Now that’s what I do, and I love it!

Favorite Part: Connecting with families. They come from such a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, and I love getting to know each one of them. I enjoy active listening and think it’s one of my best skills. And those sweet little babes. Those cute little peanuts. I love kids!

What I’ve Learned: Even though I worked in an inclusive preschool environment for eight years, I didn’t truly understand the level of diversity within the developmentally disabled community until I began working here. You have to bring your “A” game to every intake, because no two kids – or families – are alike. It keeps me on my toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Little Known Fact: I’m obsessed with the MSU Bobcats, but most people who know me are (mostly painfully) aware of that. Let’s see – my guilty pleasure is Mariah Carey. But everyone knows that, too, because I sing and dance all the time. I guess I’m just an open book. Oh, I know! I love to cut and stack firewood, but please don’t tell my father that. He has five ginormous woodsheds that he keeps chock-full. He says it’s because if he were to suddenly die, my mom would never have to worry about getting wood.