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Danielle Allen

Danielle Allen

Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Kalispell
Since: 2023

The Reason: I was drawn to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis after experiencing the dramatic difference it made in my nephew’s life. After a few challenging years of confusion and worry, my sister found focus and hope with the help of a Behavior Analyst, and my nephew made great strides.

Favorite Part: The opportunity to form relationships that have a mutual effect on both me and the client. It is so rewarding to see them become more motivated to participate and to notice themselves developing new skills. Each client, in turn, teaches me how to be a better BCBA.

Standout Moment: Subtle changes in the everyday pattern that develops with a client. For example, with a child who has been struggling to communicate, a quick flash of eye contact when I say his name, or a moment when he pulls me over to share something he’s interested in lets me know that change has begun.

A Thing I’ve Learned: I’ve learned that if I pay attention and establish trust with a child, he or she will help me know which direction the treatment needs to go.

Off the Clock: I love to eat! I always want to try new food that is prepared by someone who loves to cook (because I don’t). I like to spend time outside, walking, hiking, or just sitting. I am also an avid bird watcher. Going to hot springs is one of my favorite things about life. Thankfully, my family enjoys doing these things with me!