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Dakota Stump

Dakota Stump

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Technician (BCaBA) – Missoula
Since: 2021 

Dakota is a BCaBA who serves kids with autism and their families at Missoula’s Learning Center. He’s also working on his Masters in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, on a fast track to become a full-fledged Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.  

Why CDC? I had previously worked in the construction field, fixing and installing fiber optic cables. But after spending much time helping to raise my nephew who is on the autism spectrum, it became clear that working with kids is what I’m really good at. 

Clientele: I provide behavioral services to improve developmental outcomes of children on the autism spectrum, aged three to eleven, using evidence-based practices to support program implementation.  

Standout Moment: After months of building rapport and a solid relationship with one of my kiddos, he stated to me that he wanted “to be a teacher just like you” when he grew up. 

What I’ve Learned: Being intentional and responding, rather than reacting, can have an incredible impact on your relationship with the kids and the quality of their development.  

Pet Tales: I once owned a long-haired dachshund, and she managed to get herself pregnant. Because of the lack of clearance, we had to push her around on a skateboard. 

Little Known Fact: I am very afraid of heights. But when faced with an opportunity to do something that will make me face that fear, I will do it 100% of the time.