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Christy Cheviron

Christy Cheviron

Speech-Language Pathologist – Missoula
Since: 2015

In our never-ending quest to better serve our clients, Christy was hired as CDC’s first staff therapist – the initial step in what has become a significant leap in that direction. We now employ physical and occupational therapists who, along with SLPs, work as a comprehensive team to deliver services tailor-made to the needs of each of our kids & families. Christy works in our Early Intervention program, where she conducts developmental evaluations and works directly with infants and toddlers to help them maximize communication skills prior to entering their school years.

The Reason: I truly love coaching families on ways to grow their child’s language skills within their natural environment and throughout their daily routines.

Favorite Part: That would have to be seeing families’ confidence grow as they realize they are the change-makers in their child’s development. Empowering families is what we do!

What I’ve Learned: Working in early intervention has taught me to be patient and to find joy in all the little things that toddlers find interest in.

Unplugged: When I’m not crawling on the floor with little ones at work, I love exploring Montana outside by hiking, running, camping, and trying to keep up with my kids on downhill skis. You will often hear me screaming with a combination of fun and fright on Snowbowl’s slopes.

Little Known Fact: Although I’m currently in the life phase of carting my school-aged kids to their many activities, one of my favorite places to be is sitting on my deck in the sunshine with a good book. 

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