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Catherine Hafliger

Catherine Hafliger

Catherine Hafliger

Early Intervention Program Manager – Missoula
Since: 2002

Catherine began as a practicum student at CDC more than 20 years ago, then excelled as a Family Support Specialist for over a decade. When duty called in the form of leading our Early Intervention (EI) program, she reluctantly left the FSS world (though she continues to serve a handful of families in that role) and now ensures that our EI team continues to deliver top-notch services to our families.

Favorite Part: Watching the powerful connections that families and our staff make through home visits. Those connections lead to developmental change in children. Everyone at the Child Development Center has an endless passion for families and children and understand that they do not make the change in the child or family, but rather their support and encourage and teaching allows for families to make their own positive change to meet their goals.

What I’ve Learned: Every child and family is uniquely beautiful, and they all deserve someone to coach and support them as they launch into uncharted territories.

Unplugged: As I have matured (a really nice way of saying “getting older”), I have learned to do my best to make sure my life is balanced. I’ve realized the importance of taking care of myself and my mental health, and I try to build in ways to do so each day. I am a sucker for cross country ski trails in the winter months; hiking trails in the spring, summer, and fall months; and lakes & rivers for paddle boarding in the summer months. I have successfully taught my teenage boys to enjoy nature and I often get pictures of snowy mountains or sunsets because they know how much I love them (the mountains and sunsets, that is, though of course I love my kids as well)!

Pet Tales: I have two Dobermans – and allow me to dispel a myth: they are not ferocious at all. They are big puddles of goo! They are the sweetest, most loyal animals.

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