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Carolyn Prussen

Carolyn Prussen

Carolyn Prussen

Executive Director
Since: 1996

Originally hired as a Family Support Specialist, Carolyn first embraced a leadership role as the director of our Early Intervention program. She then became the director of our Kalispell office before settling in as CDC’s big kahuna in 2014.

The Reason: As a former teacher, my work at CDC has been a perfect marriage between working directly with kids and effecting change at a foundational level, because you can’t make an extensive impact on kids without supporting families, too.

Favorite Part(s): I love to see young professionals grow, and to help them along that journey. I love seeing the collective impact we make on kids and families in our communities. Knowing that our services make a real difference is hugely gratifying to me, and every success story I hear is like music to my ears.

What I’ve Learned: Every child has potential. And every child’s potential can be unlocked.

Unplugged: I unwind through a variety of means: hiking, gardening, birding, cooking (it’s the creative process that draws me). I find my peace in nature. Sitting around a campfire might be my favorite thing in the world – the smell of woodsmoke balances and grounds me.

Little-known Fact: Even though I grew up in Wisconsin, the most powerful formative experiences I had as a kid were in the Rocky Mountains. My dad took us backpack camping every summer, and he preferred Wilderness Areas like Selway-Bitterroot, Weminuche, and Cloud Peak over the easier camping found in national parks. It was not easy, but it sure left a lasting impression!