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Brandi Bohn

Brandi Bohn

Speech & Language Pathologist – Kalispell
Since: Oct 2022

Brandi works in our Early Intervention program, where she works with kids 0-36 months old in their natural environments – at home and in the community. A typical day for her involves working directly with little ones and coaching their caregivers on how to best support speech and language development throughout their child’s daily routines and activities. 

Best Part: Working with these itty bitties and celebrating with families as their little ones reach milestones! 

What I’ve Learned: SO many things—these little guys are my greatest teachers! My biggest takeaways are a) learning how to pivot on the fly; and b) from an EARLY age, toddlers are acutely aware of language challenges—that said, high fives and praise can go a long way when building their confidence! 

Chill Time: Snowboarding, XC skiing, any outdoor time with my fur baby, running, exploring new hikes. I feel restored when I’m in nature and pushing myself physically and mentally.  

Favorite Season: As much as I cherish winter, I’d have to say summer—with Glacier National Park in our back yard and the variety of lakes we have nearby, the recreation options are endless! That said, the Tamaracks in autumn bring yellow brick roads and golden groves that are otherworldly—can I choose all of them?