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Autumn Kostka

Autumn Kostka

Operations Coordinator – Autism & Behavioral Services/Diagnostic Evaluations – Missoula
Since: 2015 

Several years after Autumn needed to take her youngest son from Montana to Seattle for autism treatment, she was thrilled to become involved with Child Development Center as a Registered Behavior Technician in our Autism & Behavioral Services program. She now serves as the operations coordinator for ABS as well as an invaluable and highly efficient Swiss army knife, deployed as needed. 

Favorite part: The privilege of being able to offer hope – genuine hope – for families negotiating the early stages of raising a child with autism. Sometimes they can be in crisis mode, and having been through it I can tell them what to expect, and that they have all the resources they need right here. 

Standout moment(s): In general, the satisfaction of seeing a child go from evaluation to services to gradually establishing more and more independence. It melts my heart when families tell me about trips to the grocery store and other simple joys of life that didn’t seem possible to them before. 

What I’ve learned: That every child is its own, and that no two are alike. It’s why I love our programs, because all of them emphasize tailoring services to each child. 

Little Known Fact: I am a rockhound, and enjoy digging for crystals and minerals throughout the great state of Montana. If I find a gold vein I’ll make sure every Montana kid with autism gets the best treatment and care! Then I’ll pack up my brand-new, customized van (Mercedes Sprinter? VW Westfalia? Choices!) and travel the continent.