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Amy Reed

Amy Reed

Payroll Accountant – Missoula
Since: 2014

Armed with a teaching degree, Amy vied for a school job in Missoula but the supply/demand equation did not work in her favor. She took a job in our accounting department instead, and the rest is history. In addition to payroll duties, Amy handles aspects of benefits, billing, and human resources. The school system’s loss is our gain!

Favorite Part: I love the fact that what I do supports the good and necessary work we do in the community. And the people here are great to work with.

Standout Moment: A few years ago, we survived the install of a comprehensive timekeeping system, called Harvest. It was a hard row to hoe.

What I’ve Learned: How much work goes into supporting those with special needs in our communities. And how much every family we serve deserves the support we provide.

Me Time: I love going to live shows – concerts, plays, stand-up comedy, you name it. I’ve always been drawn to the crowd experience, that sense of shared enjoyment and excitement. Plus, I was in the theater program in high school, and it’s great to appreciate people who are really good at being on stage.

Pet Tales: Oh boy. I’ve got two dogs, Luna and Flower. Two cats, named Pumpkin and Spice. Also two rabbits. They all get along, but they’re insanely jealous of each other. If I give the cats catnip, the dogs need some too (it doesn’t have the same effect on them). And the dogs absolutely love the rabbits. They want to be with them all day.