Early Intervention

child learning to walk: early intervention

His first smile. Her first little steps. His first words. Your child’s first three years of life are incredible! Brain development is happening every day. This means it is the time when intervention can make the biggest difference if something isn’t developing as it should. The early years matter.

The Child Development Center partners with the State of Montana to provide Montana Milestones/Part C Early Intervention in western MT.

What is ‘Early Intervention’?

Montana Milestones Early Intervention provides services for infants and toddlers who need extra support to learn important skills typically gained in the first three years of life. Also known nationally as Part C, an early intervention program is offered free of charge in every U.S. state. To find out how Early Intervention is funded in Montana, go to Montana’s Part C System of Payments Policy.

This video explains Montana Milestones Early Intervention:

Se puede ver esta vídeo en español:

“Charlamos de la Intervención Temprana”


Send a message to our MT Milestones Early Intervention team or call us at 1-800-914-4779.