Early Childhood Screening

early childhood screening

Development isn’t just physical. Your child’s brain develops A LOT in the early years. If you have any questions about how your baby or toddler is learning, acting or growing, there is no harm in getting a fun and free Early Childhood Screening. In fact, acting early can make a BIG difference for your child’s future.

To schedule a screening, simply make a referral.

What is an Early Childhood Screening?

An Early Childhood Screening will give you a snapshot of your child’s developmental health, and is appropriate for any child up to age three.

Screenings are usually fun for children, because they happen through play! As we play, our experts will observe how your child interacts with people, toys and the surroundings. We will also ask you about what your child can typically do in everyday life (washing, eating, dressing, sleeping etc.).

If the screening raises any questions or concerns about an area of your child’s development, we’ll talk with you about the results and your options. The good news is, the earlier a challenge is identified, the quicker we can help your child receive targeted support.

Screening Clinics

The Child Development Center partners with your local school district to offer free screening clinics—sometimes called Child Finds—at least once a year. The clinics are usually advertised locally. Upon request, we can also schedule screening clinics at childcare and early learning centers. If you need details on when and where the next screening clinic will happen near you, contact our Early Intervention team.

In addition, the Child Development Center hosts NICU Follow-Up Clinics provided by Missoula’s Community Medical Center. When a baby enters the world prematurely or with neonatal complications, it’s important to keep a close eye on more than just physical progress after leaving the hospital. The purpose is to help make sure that your baby’s brain can develop as healthily as possible, and to connect your family with additional support if needed. Kalispell Regional Healthcare also works with the Child Development Center to host and administer monthly NICU Follow-Up Clinics at their facilities. When you act early, you give your child a boost!

For more information, send a message to our Early Intervention team, or call us at 1-800-914-4779.