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Social Stories on Masks and Gloves

For many kids, seeing other people with masks and gloves on can be scary or confusing. In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control are now officially recommending masks. Many local governments are requiring them in indoor public spaces. This means that kids are seeing even more people wearing masks and gloves in recent weeks!

You can use this free social story from Conscious Discipline to help explain masks and gloves to young children (2+) and ease their anxiety!

Download the story to read it digitally or print it out: FREE-Printable-Masks-and-Gloves-Social-Story

For older children and even some adults, the Autism Research Institute created a social story to help those who are anxious or confused about wearing a mask. This tool is NOT only for people with autism! A social story can be a useful for any child who is struggling to cope with a new or stressful situation.

You can access this story digitally or in print for free, too: I can wear a mask social story