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Social Stories for Kids about COVID-19

Father in red shirt with black hair, smiling with his arm around his toddler son with black hair and a blue shirt, reading a book with a green coverIt’s no secret that reading with our children is a good thing to do! Reading promotes early literacy, expands kids’ imaginations, exposes them to new ideas, and helps us bond. Did you know that some stories can also help children cope with anxiety or overcome fears? In particular, Social Stories are a tool to share information about a new or frightening situation in a safe, comforting way. Initially, Social Stories were developed for people with autism in mind, but they can be helpful for any child.

How can a Social Story help my child deal with COVID-19?

For most of us, our daily routines have changed in response to the novel corona virus COVID-19. Kids are home from school, preschool, and daycare, and many parents are at home with them. We might not be seeing other family members or friends. Trips out of the house to even run simple errands have been limited. Like adults, kids may start to go stir crazy, and they also might be scared. Times are uncertain right now, and we need to talk to our kids about it. Social Stories are a great way to give your child age-appropriate information about COVID-19 and the changes to our everyday lives without scaring them.

As a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE), the Child Development Center has access to excellent resources like Social Stories through the BHCOE accreditation authority. We have shared some of theses Social Stories for you below, but did you know that you could also author your own?! Most Social Stories are homemade by parents or teachers and personalized to the child who will read them. You don’t need any special supplies or skills. In fact, you can draw simple pictures or paste them onto paper from a magazine. You can write or type the words. Check out the Social Stories we’ve shared. Feel free to use them with your child. They might also inspire you to make your own!

Cartoon drawing of a red, personified corona virus


Social Stories for children about COVID-19

  • Social Story for YoungLearners (Prek-2): This is a social story that provides simple pictures and a limited amount of words for young students to understand why they do not have pre-school or daycare.
  • Basic Picture Social Story Social Story: This is a social story with pictures that describe
    the virus. This social story provides step by step ways to keep safe with clean hygiene practice and interaction with peers.
  • My Coronavirus Story Social Story: This is another social story that uses pictures and
    words to describe the virus. Additionally, this also discusses how schools may close.
  • All About COVID-19 Social Story: Here’s a free social story and comprehension
    check, with pictures, that can be downloaded for free from Teachers Pay Teachers. (You have to register, but it’s free.)