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Rock by Rock

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Stigmas surrounding disabilities are damaging, and awareness campaigns often try to address this head on by providing more accurate information and promoting understanding. Rock by rock, a Columbia falls woman is trying to do just that. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with Christine Wiley, who is not only warriors working to spread awareness and inclusion for her own child and grandchild, but for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Christine has come up with a creative way to do this. Here is a snippet from a recent KPAX News story about Christine’s project:

Christine Wiley hand paints rocks with resources on the back for people to learn more about autism.

Photo by: MTN News.

“Christine’s son Dylan says that he really appreciates everything his mother is doing to break the stereotypes, ‘she’s making awareness for people like me and giving them a chance in the world […]'”

Get the rest of the story from KPAX news.

You can learn more about the group she created–Autism Rockz–by reading the below article from KPAX news, or going to the Autism Rockz Facebook page.

You can learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder and the services the Child Development Centers offers to support kids with autism in pursuing their potential on our website.