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Parenting in a Pandemic

We all know that parenting is a tough job. Perhaps THE toughest job! Parenting during a pandemic takes the challenge to a whole new level. So, way to go, parents. We salute you! And we’re here for you.

young brunette mom smiling and laughing while holding blonde toddler and being hugged on her side by a blonde baby and brunette preschool-aged boy

One of our very own Family Support Specialists, Stacy Caron, sat down with a reporter from the Flathead Beacon to talk about the challenges–and the rewards–of being a parent and supporting parents during these uncertain times.

The article was published in the Flathead Beacon on July 7, 2020, by Jessie Mazur, and features Stacy’s interview. You can access the full article online here. Stacy talks about the valid concerns many parents of young children have regarding the lack of social interaction kids are getting these days.

“We learn so much from our peers,” Caron said. “Not only do you learn play skills and sharing from your peers, you also learn language. When kids aren’t going to daycares, they’re missing out on that opportunity.”

Not only is Stacy working with families and finding new resources to support them, but, as a parent of three young boys herself, she also shares the upside of being able to spend more quality time together. In “normal” times, it can be difficult to be together as often.

“As sad as it is to say, when we have to go to work and it’s all rush, rush, rush, we miss out on those opportunities with our kids,” she said.

Not that the all-together isn’t challenging, but it does open up more opportunity for playing together, sharing meals, and making teachable moments and fond memories from everyday events at home.