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Full accreditation by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence!

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The Child Development Center’s Autism & Behavior Services team is proud to announce that we are now now fully accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE)! We are the first applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy provider in Montana to receive this distinction.

The Autism & Behavior Services program has a 3 year accreditation status. This accreditation is evidence of our commitment to continually improving the quality and accountability of the service that we provide for our clients. We will continue to do all we can to serve our community.

If you want to know more about what BHCOE accreditation means, please review some basic information from BHCOE below, or visit the BHCOE website.

What does it mean to be a BHCOE Accredited organization?

Accreditation is not given, it is earned. A BHCOE Accredited ® Organization is an applied behavior analysis provider that has demonstrated it has met and continues to meet strict clinical and administrative standards as determined by an independent third-party evaluator.

The BHCOE Accreditation serves as a consumer protection mechanism. It also indicates the organization’s commitment to quality improvement, transparency, and accountability that is critically and continually monitored. This includes both internal and external processes that ensure compliance with professional ethics and adherence to clinical best practices. Service expectations and requirements are clearly communicated to both employees and clients. Heightened safeguards are in place to protect clients’ dignity, privacy, safety, and health. Finally, practice standards help ensure that all clients are treated equitably and that service quality is paramount.

What is accreditation good for potential employees or clients?

The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence distinction proves that the Child Development Center is not merely striving but actually successfully implementing best clinical and administrative practices in the provision of applied behavior analysis. What’s more, because monitoring and evaluation are ongoing by an independent third party in order to maintain accreditation, the standard will not slip and the quality of services will continue to improve. This means that employees are protected, well-trained, and supported to do their best work. It also means that clients are protected, well-treated, and supported to reach their best outcomes.

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