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How do I get started?

The best way to get started with the Child Development Center is to contact us and make a referral.

A referral is just a simple way for us to gather basic information, such as your child’s name, age, medical provider or any concerns.

After the referral, we can explore your questions, schedule an evaluation or begin working with your family.

baby with health visitor

How do I make referral?

Have demographic information ready (child’s name, birthday, address, etc.)
Call us at (406) 549-6413 (Missoula) or (406) 755-2425 (Kalispell)


Use our Referral Form (save to your computer before you begin). Complete the form carefully (print or type). Fax the form to 406-542-0143 (Missoula) or 406-755-2426 (Kalispell)

What happens next?

The Child Development Center will let you know when we’ve received your referral. Within two business days, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Intake Coordinators will be in touch to learn more about your child and arrange next steps.

I want information about disability services in Montana.

The Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) is part of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services. It is through our partnership with DDP that we provide most of our programs. Their website will help you navigate the disabilities system and services in our state.

I’m a medical professional, teacher or caregiver – can I make a referral?

Anyone can refer a child to the Child Development Center with permission from that child’s legal parent or guardian. Once you have permission, please follow the referral steps above, and either call us at 1-800-914-4779 or submit our Referral Form.