Life Skills Program

Children with disabilities deserve to lead full lives, just like everybody else. This means that supports are needed beyond the classroom. That’s why the Child Development Center’s (CDC) Life Skills Program supports youth with disabilities to develop skills that enrich their time at home and expand access to their communities. The program is available to children and adolescents in western Montana who have the Montana 0208 Developmental Disability (DD) Comprehensive Services Waiver.

What does CDC’s Life Skills Program offer?

The Child Development Center’s Life Skills Program offers Supported Living, Behavioral Support Services, Caregiver Training and Support, and Companion Services. Depending on their needs, youth with the 0208 waiver may use their cost plans to choose any or all of these options. We contract with the Montana Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) to provide these services, but are not case managers. Any activity or service associated with our Life Skills program must be outlined in the individual’s plan of care.

What is the 0208 Waiver?

The 0208 Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver is administered by Montana’s Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP). It is for children and adults who have developmental disabilities, and who will require lifelong services and supports. Income is not a factor for eligibility. The 0208 Waiver funds extensive healthcare, as well as other home and community-based service options. Services available include, but are not limited to, the Child Development Center’s Life Skills program for youth.

If your child does not have Montana’s 0208 Waiver, eligibility determination is the first step. Get started by contacting your Regional DDP office. You can also call Montana DDP’s Central Office if you aren’t sure what region you’re in. It is important to act as soon as possible to determine the eligibility of a person with a disability, because there is a state-wide waiting list to receive the 0208 Waiver.

For more information about Montana’s Developmental Disabilities Programs, see their “Guide to Success.”


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