Family Education & Support

All children need support to be as healthy, happy, productive and independent as they can be. This support comes mostly from a child’s family. Kids with developmental delays and disabilities are no exception.

What is Family Education & Support?

Family Education & Support is a Montana program that pairs professionals in development, education, behavior, social work or psychology with families whose children or teens have developmental delays. These experts are called Family Support Specialists (FSS). An FSS provides coaching, information, strategies, and resources to strengthen the whole family for the good of the child..

The Child Development Center partners with Montana’s Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) to provide Family Education & Support free of charge. DDP has put together a “Guide to Success” to help the public understand our state’s disability services and programs. See page nine for information specific to Family Education & Support.

For more information, send a message to our Family Education & Support program or call us at 1-800-914-4779.