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Rock by Rock

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Stigmas surrounding disabilities are damaging, and awareness campaigns often try to address this head on by providing more accurate information and promoting understanding. Rock by rock, a Columbia falls woman is trying to do just that. We are lucky to...

Ordinary kid with extraordinary talent advocates Autism Acceptance

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At the age of 12, Matthew Rau has already accomplished publishing his first book of poetry. “Heart of the Seasons”  expresses his keen observation and appreciation of nature’s changes throughout the year. Matthew is a sixth-grader in Kalispell,...

From Artist to Behavior Technician

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If someone had asked me ten years ago what I would be doing today, managing a center for children with Autism would not have been my answer! AUTUMN KOSTKA: Artist, Mother and Lead Behavior Technician for CDC’s Autism and Behavioral Services program. I...

Little girl, BIG heart

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This little girl awed us with her big heart last holiday season, and she’s done it again this year! Raelynn Keller—who lives in Kalispell, MT, with her mother Taelon, father Rick and younger brother Hunter—is a five-year-old philanthropist. Earlier...

Through His Eyes: a mom’s tribute to her son, who is blind

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Terri with her two sons: Kieran, who is blind, snuggles at her leg, and Brodie sits in her arm. Kieran is a young Missoula, Montana boy who loves the outdoors, music and his family. He is also blind. What started as a typical trip to the grocery store...