Questions about your child’s development? We offer FUN, FREE, and CONFIDENTIAL screenings!

Can my child get services?

If you live in western Montana and have a baby, child or teenager with a developmental delay or disability, the Child Development Center is here for you! We partner with Montana’s Developmental Disabilities Program to provide most of our services.


What programs do you offer?

Each of our programs is designed to help youth of different ages and different needs. The outline below will help you understand the basics. The only way to know for sure if your child can get services from one of our programs is to make a referral.

Montana Milestones Early Intervention:
Birth – Age 3

  • Delays in one or more areas of development, identified by an Early Childhood Screening
  • Established condition with a high probability for developmental delay (e.g., genetic disorder)

Cost: Free of charge

Family Education & Support:
*Age 3 – high school graduation

  • Delays in one or more areas of development, identified by a developmental assessment
  • Developmental Disability (DD)

*DD eligibility determination is required by age eight.

Cost: Free of charge (We have a moderate waitlist for this service.)

Autism & Behavioral Services:
Diagnosis – Age 19

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis

We accept diagnoses from outside clinicians for children of any age, and can refer you to qualified clinicians if you suspect autism and are seeking an evaluation.

Cost: Varies depending on insurance plans and Medicaid waivers (We have a referral list for this service.)

0208 DD Comprehensive Waiver/Life Skills Program: 
*Birth – high school graduation

*DD eligibility determination is required by age eight.

Cost: Free of charge Medicaid Waiver Service (This is a life-long waiver with an extensive, state-wide waitlist; all eligible children are encouraged to get on the list as early as possible.)