Helping children and adolescents with developmental delays reach their potential.

“Families credit you for major things that happen in their lives”. Surveyors heard, ‘Our family would not be together if it were not for CDC,’ and ‘ I credit CDC for me having my kids today.”

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Autism Insurance Services- AIS (2-18)

CDC’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Insurance Services offers children and families living with autism a systematic, comprehensive treatment approach designed to maximize the developmental potential of children with autism.

As a non-profit organization, CDC contracts with insurance companies to provide ASD Insurance Services.

CDC’s ASD Insurance Services were created in 2010 in response to state legislation requiring some insurance companies to cover services for children with autism. ASD Insurance Services were designed to offer similar services to those provided through the Children’s Autism Waiver program.

Eligibility for AIS:

  • Diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Verification of the Autism Insurance benefit

Service Options:

  • Home consultation services
  • Autism Trainers available to provide one-on-one instruction
  • Consultative services to schools
  • Community Autism education

In many cases, insurance companies may require co-pays. At this time, CDC is working with a number of local insurers to make the provision of ASD Insurance Services as affordable as possible.

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