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Parent Representatives Needed

At the Child Development Center (CDC), we believe that conversations about services for children with developmental delays or disabilities are not complete without the voices of the adults who care for them. If you are a parent or guardian whose child receives CDC services, please consider becoming part of the Child Development Center’s Board of Directors as a parent representative. We are currently seeking to fill two positions.


Contact Carolyn Prussen, CDC’s Executive Director, at (406) 755-2425 or by E-mail to learn more. She will be able to answer your questions and help you explore whether it might be a good fit. After you speak with Carolyn, you can request and complete a board application. Carolyn or another director will then present your application to the full board before a vote. If the board votes to appoint you, you will receive guidance to help you in your service.

What are the responsibilities of a parent representative on CDC’s board?

Members of CDC’s Board of Directors serve a two-year term. The Board sets the agency’s direction in partnering with families to support the developmental needs of children where they live, play and grow. They also oversee finances, operations, and policies.

As a voting director, you would be responsible for attending board meetings either in person or by teleconference. The board meets at least six times per year. If you travel to the meeting, CDC will reimburse you for mileage and other reasonable expenses related to your role.