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Inclusion Matters

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Cody rides Brennan's Wave!At the Child Development Center (CDC), inclusion is part of our value system. We know it’s how a lot of our western-Montana friends and neighbors operate, too. That makes our hearts glad. Kids of all abilities, of all differences and likenesses, should get to live, play and grow together!

Our big-dream is to help our WHOLE community understand that inclusion matters, and then see them put it into practice.

Learn about one way we’re working to realize our dream in this front-page Missoulian article. This one’s all thanks to a little help from our friends at Missoula Parks and Recreation. We also owe a HUGE shout-out to the Nulliner family for sharing their story; thank you.

Photo by Tom Bauer, Missoulian.

Pictured is Cody Nulliner, one of our CDC teens, riding Brennan’s Wave on Missoula’s Clark Fork River from the center of the raft!