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Inclusion Matters

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At the Child Development Center (CDC), inclusion is part of our value system. We know it’s how a lot of our western-Montana friends and neighbors operate, too. That makes our hearts glad. Kids of all abilities, of all differences and likenesses,... Read More

Obstacle Course, Barrier-Free!

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Earlier this month, the Child Development Center (CDC) brought its Flathead Valley kids and families together at Kalispell’s Lawrence Park for a colorful afternoon of egg-balancing, slip-n-slidin’, blanket races, leap frogging, water-balloon throwing... Read More

Miracle League baseball in the Flathead!

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In 1997 Rockdale Youth Baseball Association’s coach Eddie Bagwell invited the first child with a disability to play baseball on his team. Michael, a 7 year old child in a wheel chair, attended every game and practice to cheer on his 5 year old brother... Read More