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Meet Our Executive Team

  • Carolyn

    Carolyn Prussen,
    Executive Director

    Meet Carolyn…

    Carolyn wants to live in a world where tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion are standard practice, and people are kinder than necessary.

    As the Executive Director, she’s responsible for guiding the agency with a mindful and cohesive vision. She strives to ensure that CDC is known for its staff expertise, consumer satisfaction, and community contributions.

    When she’s not in the office, you might find her getting lost in the wilds of Glacier National Park, summitting a peak in the Jewel Basin with her husband and kids, or roasting marshmallows over a fire at her backyard in Florence.

  • Catherine Hafliger

    Catherine Hafliger,
    Evaluation & Diagnostic Services Clinic Director

    Meet Catherine…

    Catherine Hafliger wants to live in a world where children are full of love, acceptance and bellies of good food.

    As the E&D Director, she oversees all new referrals as well as CDC’s evaluation clinics in Missoula, Kalispell and Bozeman. Catherine is passionate about connecting families with the education and supports they need to enhance their lives.

    When she’s not at CDC, you can find Catherine making snacks and chasing her two boys around!


    Greg Malone,
    Chief Financial Officer

    Meet Greg…

    Greg wants to live in a world where Debits and Credits can all get along, payroll always runs smoothly and insurance companies and providers coexist in obtaining the best possible outcomes!

    Seriously though, Greg came to CDC as the CFO to streamline business practices, so that staff could focus on CDC’s mission: helping children and families.

    When he’s not pouring over financial data and spreadsheets, you can find Greg in a gym or on a football field rooting on his sons.

  • Jenny Vickhammer

    Jenny Vickhammer, M.Ed.
    Autism & Behavioral Services Director

    Meet Jenny…

    Jenny Vickhammer wants to live in a world where each person is empowered to harness their unique strengths so they can build up themselves, their friends, families and communities.

    As the ABS Program Director, Jenny works hard to make sure children across western Montana who are diagnosed with autism receive the best possible services. She oversees support not only for individual children and their families, but also community and school-based consultations and trainings.

    In her free time, you can find Jenny on family adventures, running and kayaking, watching TED talks or reading the latest fiction best sellers.

  • Karlyn Gibbs

    Karlyn Gibbs, M.Ed., BCBA
    Treatment Director

    Meet Karlyn…

    Karlyn wants to live in a world where mornings start a little later, square pegs aren’t required to fit into round holes and every child has at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her.

    As the Autism & Behavioral Services Treatment Director, she’s responsible for assuring that children with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities receive the support and training they need to succeed. Karlyn is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and has been instrumental in the pioneering of autism services in the state of Montana.

    When she’s not working, you can find Karlyn gardening meditatively in her flowerbeds, absorbed in a thick novel, sewing like a mad woman, searching for the best fare for her next trip to Seattle and reflecting dreamily on the perfection of her grandchildren.

  • Lea Shanks

    Lea Shanks,
    Children’s Waiver Services and
    Family Education & Support Director

    Meet Lea…

    Lea Shanks wants to live in a world where kindness, dignity and respect are at the forefront of all interactions, and each of our unique strengths are celebrated.

    As a director, Lea oversees the implementation of policies, budgets and support plans that impact the children and families in her programs. She guides Family Support Specialists through the challenges and triumphs of their roles, providing assistance with crisis situations and developing and training on front-line behavior interventions.

    When she’s not multitasking at CDC, you can find Lea directing a local theatrical production, shuttling cub scouts, hosting friends and family around a backyard bonfire and rocking out to the 80’s in her minivan.

  • Sue Holmstrom

    Sue Holmstrom,
    Early Intervention Director

    Meet Sue…

    Sue Holmstrom wants to live in a world where everyone gets along with one another, is accepted for who they are, and has free access to needed services that improve their well-being.

    As the Early Intervention Director, Sue is responsible for guiding Family Support Specialists and trying to keep them happy. She also has the fun job of making sure all Federal and State requirements are being followed…

    When she is not collecting data, you can find Sue outside: she loves camping, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and watching GRIZ football. When the weather is really bad she likes to do crafty things.

  • Teresa Beeton

    Teresa Beeton,
    Human Resources Director

    Meet Teresa…

    Teresa Beeton wants to live in a world where policy invokes tears of joy, benefits are plentiful and people don’t refer to her discipline as IHR (Inhumane Resources).

    As the HR Director, she aligns human resource goals to support CDC’s mission. Policy, benefits, recruitment and employee relations fill her time. In short, Teresa works hard for CDC’s people, so they can work hard for CDC’s clients.

    When Teresa’s not neck deep in HR, she’s bowling with her family, defending her air hockey title, rooting for the LA Lakers and enjoying every crazy moment her three boys and husband throw at her.

Meet Our Program Coordinators

  • Hollin Buck

    Hollin Buck,
    Early Intervention Coordinator

    Meet Hollin…

    Hollin Buck wants to live in a world where people care more for each other and the places we live, and less for money and things.

    As the Early Intervention Program Coordinator, Hollin supports our Family Support Specialists and keeps up to date on best practices for helping children and families.

    When she’s not at CDC, you can find Hollin in the Montana wilderness on her bike, skis or feet, reading anything she can get her hands on and delighting in her daughter and family.

  • Linda Roundy

    Linda Roundy,
    Children’s Waiver Services and
    Family Education & Support Coordinator

    Meet Linda…

    Linda Roundy wants to live in a world where children and families feel safe, are healthy and have their immediate needs met. She also wants staff to feel confident in their roles at CDC.

    As the Waiver Coordinator, Linda is responsible for ongoing training of Family Support staff. She assists with problem solving, cost plan management, crisis management and reviewing plans of care for children and youth.

    When she’s not working as a Coordinator at CDC, you can find Linda enjoying time with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Meet Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

  • Marie Middleton, Ph.D; BCBA
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst

    Meet Marie…

    Marie wants to live in a world where there are enough ice rinks that the adults don’t have to play at horrible late night/early morning hours and where all parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum know that there is a village out their rooting for their success.

    As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, she provides programmatic oversight, staff training, RBT and BCBA supervision, and lots of other tasks that pertain to Applied Behavior Analysis. She particularly enjoys graphing and making systems more efficient.

    When not at work, Marie can be found tending net on her women’s hockey leagues (at terrible late/early times), devouring as many true crime podcasts as possible, and keeping her dog from eating things she shouldn’t eat.

  • Nicole Lustig,Ph.D.; BCBA-D
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst

    Meet Nicole…

    Nicole wants to live in a world where both children and adults have the ability to access the preferred items, materials, and tools they need to be healthy and happy.

    As a BCBA, Nicole utilizes behavior analysis to assess and treat problematic behavior. As problem behavior decreases, she enjoys watching pro-social behavior and positive interaction increase in children with and without disabilities.

    When Nicole is not working, she can be found running, hiking, cooking (both healthy and unhealthy) food, or enjoying soaks in local hot springs.

Board of Directors

Carol Brooker,

Board President and
Sanders County Commissioner

Gale Decker

Lake County Commissioner

Phil Mitchell

Flathead County Commissioner

Ryan Clevidence

Parent Representative

Chris Hoffman

Ravalli County Commissioner

Becky Notch

Parent Representative

Jean Curtiss

Missoula County Commissioner

Jennifer McCully

Lincoln County Public Health,
Program Manager